What did Henderson know?

One of my memories of the ’72 Summit Series came before the Series even started.

There were 3 exhibition games that were played at Maple Leaf Gardens with the 35 players on the roster divided in two teams. I had bought a ticket to one of the games and remember sitting in the Grays.

I had brought my camera to the game and decided to move down between periods to get some pictures. Well, I got some great pictures that included Paul Henderson, Phil Esposito and Ken Dryden.

During the game, Henderson received a penalty and I remember sitting by the box. I grew up in Kincardine, Ont. close to wear Henderson grew up. I said,” Paul score one for Kincardine”! He replied, I think I’ll save them for the Series.

Well, you know the rest.

Robert Black
Toronto, Ontario

'72 Summit Series Exhibition game (Picture  by Robert Black)
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