Oh yes, I remember it well……….

As a child, growing up in rural New Brunswick before electricity, I remember sitting around the radio on a Saturday night to hear the hockey broadcast on radio in the days of 6 teams and known players. One’s imagination was alive and vivid!

September 28th, 1972 – Now I’m the mother of 2 young children on that momentous day.  So it was not the TV, but the radio that was turned on to get the buildup and hype to that final game of the Canada-Russia Series. I had kept abreast of the previous games through newspaper, radio and TV news, but on that day, there was no question…I was going to listen to the game on the radio.

I would describe myself at that moment, not as a hockey fanatic but a cheerleader for our hockey team and for Canada, full of hope and expectation for a thrilling outcome.

Totally into the game, picturing the dynamics through the announcer, I paced the floor, listened for the children to wake from their afternoon naps, tried to putter in the kitchen with supper preparation….and in short, was a nervous wreck. I remember at one point near the end of the game where I thought I was going to have to shut it off, I was in such a tizzy with a crazy racing pulse and heart beat!

Then, the moment!!! At the peak of my emotions, I jumped up and down and immediately started weeping…for joy! I couldn’t stop crying! I thought Paul Henderson was the most famous human being in that instant! Then, I recall thinking that I had to talk with or tell someone, so ran out the back door to my next door neighbour, scarcely able to tell her what had happened. I’m sure she thought I was crazy! I don’t think I had ever experienced such a euphoric sensation in my whole life to that moment.

It was not to be repeated again until the Canada Winter Olympics final Canada/USA game and the other famous goal by Sydney Crosby.


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