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Project ’72 brought back a lot of memories.The first that struck me, was not only recalling the Paul Henderson goal, but the between period interview with Phil Esposito.Here was Canadian hockey was at its highest emotional pitch, a game between the Russian and Canadian teams, and the Canadian team was losing and being booed. Phil was being interviewed, he was sincere and forthright, stating the reality that the Canadians were playing their hearts out against solid competition and that the contestants were at equal levels.

In fact at this point the Russians were ahead. Phil expressed his annoyance and dis-pleasure of the Vancouver fans booing the Canadian team.His statements brought heart and understanding to the game, and the fact that the World Hockey Championship was at stake and the quality of play by the Russians was second to none. Hockey was now a world class event which Canadians had taken for granted. This game was changing that perception.

When Henderson scored the winning goal in the last minute of the game, it made the win all the more dramatic for Canadian fans, particularly, after having watched Phil’s interview.

Hockey was recognized as a National Sport, with pride and spirit, as never before.

My son Sean, even though only 3 at the time has been an ardent sports fan and participant, whether it is hockey or baseball. He has collected every hockey and baseball card known to man and many in complete sets. I am very proud that he has initiated the’72 Project confirming his love of sport and dedication to it, along with his Canadian roots which are indicated through

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