A Muffled Roar

Unfortunately, I had a chemistry lab the afternoon of the game and when I walked out to head back to my residence at Acadia University, it was like I was the Omega Man, the last person on the planet. The campus was silent and barren, not a soul in sight. The chirping of the birds was all I could hear on my lonely 10-minute walk back to my room. As I headed up the path to the high-rise resident building at the South end of campus, I looked up at the column of windows facing me, and I could see people in the TV lounges glued to the game. Suddenly, I was shaken from my silence to hear the loudest roar I have ever heard from inside a building. It was an odd, muffled roar that broke the solitude of my lonely trek. Then came the jumping up and down that I could see through the windows of each floor. To my surprise, I could hear muffled roars coming from all the other residences surrounding me. The roars could only mean one thing: Team Canada scored the winning goal. While I was possibly the only human being standing outside when Paul Henderson scored that goal, I had the unforgettable memory of hearing the most deafening, muffled roar I will ever experience. At least I got to see the replay!

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