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“The pastime is deeply engrained in the Canadian psychology and it is one of the things that transcends all regions, all classes, and all ethnicities within the country.”
— Prime Minister Stephen Harper, from his foreword


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How Hockey Explains Canada: The Sport That Defines a Country
By Paul Henderson and Jim Prime

Why does every Canadian of a certain age remember exactly where he or she was when Paul Henderson scored the winning goal in the 1972 Summit Series with the Soviets? Did Team Canada win the Cold War? Why did an entire country cry along with Wayne Gretzky when The Great One announced he had been traded to L.A.? How could Canadians possibly rank high school dropout Don Cherry ahead of Alexander Graham Bell and Sir John A. Macdonald on a list of the greatest Canadians in history?

What is it about Canada and Canadians that inspires such unbridled passion for this simple game of ice, puck, and stick? In How Hockey Explains Canada, authors Paul Henderson—scorer of Canada’s “Greatest Goal”—and Jim Prime explore these and many other questions by delving into the hearts and minds of hockey-loving Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

Canadiens fans might be shocked to learn that the much-despised Toronto Maple Leafs actually saved the Montreal franchise from bankruptcy during the Great Depression. Others might be surprised to discover Rocket Richard’s key role in kick-starting Quebec’s Quiet Revolution.

From the first Tim Hortons coffee in the morning to the final late-night television sports wrap-up, Canadians are immersed in hockey. Through interviews with more than 35 current and former NHL players, coaches, executives, and broadcasters—including a dozen Hall of Famers—How Hockey Explains Canada examines why hockey has such a hold on this country and how our national obsession explains us as a people.


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Published by Triumph Books

 PAUL HENDERSON is one of Canada’s most beloved sports heroes. Best known for scoring the winning goal for Team Canada against the Soviets in Game 8 of the 1972 Summit Series, he has become as much respected for the way he handled the instant fame as for the goal itself.

JIM PRIME has written more than a dozen sports-related books and has contributed articles to various periodicals. He has coauthored books with the immortal Ted Williams and the immoderate Bill “Spaceman” Lee. He grew up a rabid Montreal Canadiens fan on Long Island at the southwestern tip of Nova Scotia. Jim is cofounder of the Bluenose Bosox Brotherhood and acting Lieutenant-Governor for Nova Scotia of Red Sox Nation.

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