I Didn’t Know That You Were Interested in That Game …

My most vivid memory of the ’72 Series is not of “The Goal” but of one of the earlier games in the series. I was 14 years old at the time and living in a small town just north of Toronto.

Our family of five was in the car heading to the cottage for the weekend on the evening of the game in Winnipeg. My older brother and I kept urging my father to drive faster and faster.

Finally my father asked “What’s the hurry?” We told him that we wanted to get to the cottage soon so that we could watch the game. When my father asked “What game?” we told him that the Russians were playing Canada in Winnipeg.

“Oh, that game. I was at the dentist earlier this week and Dr. Galvin asked if I wanted two tickets to the game in Maple Leaf Gardens. I told him no, because I didn’t think you guys would be interested.”

Once we got to the cottage, the five of us spent the evening huddled around a 12” black and white television with a rabbit ear antenna and a very blurry picture, watching the game, knowing that but for our father’s misunderstanding we might have been able to see the Series live in Toronto earlier in the week.

Alan Tambosso
Calgary, Alberta

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