One Great Memory

At the ripe old age of 20, working in an Olivetti plant in Don Mills, Ontario, they decided to give us the time off to watch the game. My best friend, Gord Dow (God rest his soul) and I drove to my apartment near Young and Eglinton to watch this historic game. We cracked open a couple of Labatts and settled in. What I remember best several Labatts later was the winning goal, scored by Paul Henderson, and Gord and I jumping up taking the skin off of our knuckels on the apartment ceiling. We returned to work that afternoon and joined all of the other workers who like us, were floating on cloud 9. My favorite team then and still to this day is the Leafs. We Canadians gather on a regular basis up the road an hour or so in Charlotte, NC, to watch that Canadian tradition Hockey Night In Canada, and share great stories about our homeland. You can take the man out of Canada, but you’ll never take Canada out of the man.

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