Team Canada ’72 Wins, No Way!

We’ve all done it! It’s the last period, the last quarter, the last inning and you feel there’s no way your team is coming back. You head to the exits, you turn the channel, you’ve had enough as you’re disappointed that your team is about to lose.

Of course, there is a remote chance that your team will make a miraculous comeback and then you can kick yourself for not having faith and seen the game through.

When I talk to people about the ’72 Summit Series, a lot of different memories and emotions have been shared. Last week, I heard a story about how a father had taken off work and his son had come home from University to share that final historic game together at home. With Team Canada trailing 5-3 to begin the 3rd, the disappointed and maybe even frustrated father, decided to head back to work, because he felt Canada had lost the final game and Series.

“My Dad turned on the radio as he drove back to work and listened as Team Canada came back to tie the game and with less than a minute remaining in the game. Henderson scored! While I celebrated at home, my Dad cried as he listened to it on the radio,” he commented.

Canadians could have given up on the Series when they were down 3 games to 1 (both teams also had a tie). Certainly the fact that Team Canada came back in the Series and the final game, makes this 40th Anniversary moment so much more emotional and memorable.

We’ve all done it. We’ve all walked away from a game. I’m just curious how many people missed the Paul Henderson goal?!

Fans Leaving
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