University of Guelph Gallop

I remember exactly where I was during the last game of the Canada-Russia series in 1972. I was attending University of Guelph as an undergrad at the time. One of my professors (definitely not a hockey fan) insisted on the completion of a science lab the afternoon of the game. We had a radio and were quietly listening as the game progressed all the while frantically trying to complete our assignment. I finished up in the later part of the third period with Canada down by two goals. My residence was all the way across the campus so I began to run. I had made it half way across the commons, when a roar went up from every residence indicating to me that Canada had scored. We were down by one. As I arrived at my residence, a second cheer went up…tie game. By the time I got to the common room and the TV, every student on my floor had beaten me to the choice viewing locations. In a fit of desperation, I convinced a girl from my floor to link arms and stand on the back of a chair occupied by another student. From this vantage point we watched the dump in by Cournoyer, followed by Henderson getting checked in the corner. After getting up and making his way to the net, Henderson found himself all alone in front of Tretiak with the puck and jamming it in. Well, those sitting down, jumped up, including our chair owner and the girl and I fell backwards into a sea of people. I remember this as if it were yesterday. To this day, including watching the Blue Jays win their first series, this was the greatest sports memory of my life.

On an aside, Henderson played shortstop for a baseball team in Goderich, ON. I played for St Marys, ON and we would run into his team in tournaments. He was a good athlete but I remember meeting him for the first time and thinking, “I thought he’d be taller…..”

Jim Sheldon
Toronto, Ontario

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