Carleton University Celebration

I was an undergraduate student at Carleton University attending a political science class at the Saint Patrick’s Campus. It was a really important class for some reason or another and most of us knew that we could not “skip it” even though we were more than cognizant of the importance of the game that was being broadcast on CBC. We also knew that there was a TV showing the game in the student lounge on another floor.

We were about half way through the class when an ungodly (yet very sweet sounding) roar or cheer went up. Many of us raced out of the classroom to the lounge and managed to join in the revelry – at least for a few scant minutes. And then it was back to the classroom. We celebrated in greater style late in the day but any recollections of the precise nature of the subject matter being discussed in the class that day had escaped me. However,the memories of first hearing that glorious cheer and racing to the lounge remain with me still as, I hope, they always will. It was truly a great moment for Canada.

Kevin S. McLeod
Usher of the Black Rod, Secretary to the Queen

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