Telephone Pole Memory

I had just started working as a lineman for Maritime Tel & Tel (now Bell Aliant). On game day I realized I had no chance of finding a TV 40′ in the air . . . so when I got up in the morning I thought I should take a radio to work . . . at least then I could hear the game! I then realized the only transistor radio I could find belonged to my girlfriend. This radio had been a gift to her and I was doing my best to take good care of it. When the game started that afternoon, I climbed a pole on Young Street in Truro (NS), over top of the railroad tracks. It was near the end of the game, and I had to keep yelling the highlights to my partner who was on the ground.

Then . . . the unbelievable happened and Henderson scored! Just as he scored, I reached over to grab the radio that was hanging from a bolt, and in all my excitement it slipped out of my hands, and went crashing down onto the railroad tracks! The end of the game and the end of the radio! When I got down the pole, the radio was in 100 pieces, but it was all worth it, as Canada had won!

You could hear horns blowing everywhere and every car that drove by rolled their windows down to let us know we won! These moments I’ll never forget!

Oh yes . . . my girlfriend must have forgiven me, because we’ve now been married for 39 years!

Richard Galpin
Coldbrook, Nova Scotia

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