Will Henderson Do it Again?

I remember the ’72 Summit Series well. I was in the 8th grade attending the Homeland Sr.Public School in Mississauga, Ontario.

They played all the Russian game over the PA system except the 8th and final game which they showed on TV in our home room.

It was 5-3 heading into the third period and people were freaking out. Paul Henderson scored the game winning goal in game 6 and game 7, so we were hoping that we could will him to do it again for the final game.

I remember classmates saying “I’ll eat my hat if Henderson scores”. Another commented that he would eat his ruler.

Well he did it again and we all celebrated and my classmate mockingly chewed on his ruler.

It was the most excitement in my young life. I’m not sure much more was done at school that day!

Carol Ann Simon
Portland, Oregon

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