The 4 games in Moscow

I was in Yellowknife and saw the add in the Hockey News for their Sept. charter. I wrote in and got on. I went to take photos mainly and did extremely well. Saw a lot of places, more than most fans saw and also ended up meeting my future wife from St. Louis on the trip.
Got into a practice thanks to Red Fisher,also to the Soviet Sports Institute. We had about 175 in our group at the relic Bucharest Hotel across the river from the 5000 room Russea Hotel. Ours didn’t need to be fixed, it needed to be replaced! Warm water could be had in the basement.

In the first game the Canadians/US fans were all together. By the last game we were down to groups of 6 to 10. There were some great Russian fans and average people but the government went a little far out in how they handled “what ifs”… like having about at least 600 troops in the rink the last game with rifles and fixed bayonettes!
And troops on horse back outside!
Some of my photos can be seen on
It was the trip and experience of a lifetime, like having breakfast with the Rocket and his wife a couple of times. I have included a photo of the Parise Incident in the 1st period of the final game, I hope the file isn’t too large.

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