Ambassador Program

What is the ’72 Project Ambassador Program?

As part of the 40th Anniversary of the ’72 Summit Series, the ’72 Project will be collecting stories from Canadians home and abroad.Similar to the 2010 Sidney Crosby “Golden Goal”, an estimated 80% of the country in 1972 saw or heard the Paul Henderson series winning goal.As an ambassador,you play an important role in collecting stories from baby boomers and older generations about the ’72 Summit Series. All the stories will remain online for future generations and ’72 of the most interesting stories will be included in a book that will be released on Friday, Sept. 28th 2012 at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

What’s in it for you?

All we ask is that you collect 10 stories or more and you will be recognized in the book as a ’72 Project Ambassador. You don’t have to be a writer, just be fan of hockey or Canada! The Ambassador who collects the most stories will be awarded 2 tickets for the Hockey Hall of Fame launch party. If you’re goal is to be a future journalist this could be part of your portfolio.

Who can I collect stories from?

We recommend you first consider friends and family who are 50 or over. You may also know a Canadian celebrity that wants to share their story. Social media such as facebook and twitter are a great way to let others know about the project and suggest that they share their story.

How are stories submitted?

There are multiple ways we can collect stories for the ’72 Project. The options include:
1. They can write their own story.
2. You can interview and write their story.
3. You can video their story. (Flip videos work well)
3. They can call a number that will record their story and then we’ll transcribe it.

What type of time commitment does this take?

You can get involved as much or as little as you like. The collection of 10 stories shouldn’t take much longer than a few hours. If interviewing is not your thing, we’d appreciate you sharing with others through social media like facebook and twitter.

Is there a training session or orientation for new Ambassadors?

Yes, we will provide guidance on collecting stories after you sign up.

Do people really remember a moment that happened almost 40 years ago?

The ’72 Project recently attend a Canadian Snowbird event that an estimated audience of 30,000 people. The majority of the people we spoke to remembered where they were during the series and specifically when Paul Henderson scored. Many remembered that moment with great detail and emotional. While all stories may not make the book, they still serve as an important part of this archive.

How can I be an Ambassador of the ’72 Project?

Great question! Send an email to In the subject line, type ’72 Project Ambassador. Welcome aboard and please share this project with others. This is not just a great hockey moment, it’s a great Canadian moment!


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