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’72 Project Nostalgia: Expos Bill Stoneman No-Hitter

Three days after the historical Paul Henderson goal in 1972 that secured a Canadian victory in the Summit Series, history was made at Jarry Park in Montreal.On October 2, 1972, Bill Stoneman pitched the first no-hitter on International soil defeating the New York Mets 7-0. I spoke with Bill about that fateful day almost 40 years later.

“You know this is the first time I’ve ever connected the dates between my no-hitter with the Paul Henderson goal,”Stoneman commented. No question I remember the ’72 Series, we talked about in the Expos clubhouse and I remember the Eighth game was not played at it’s typical time (afternoon EST). I know Ken Singleton was a fan as well.

“A lot of us came to the Expos around ’69 and growing up in the States, many of us didn’t didn’t know a lot about hockey. During that time, a number of guys bought skates and we got to know several of the Montreal Canadiens. I remember Larry Robinson, Guy Lapointe, Doug Risebrough and met Jean Beliveau, who was such a classy guy. I also remember golfing with Yvan Cournoyer and man, he could hit a golf ball! I knew John Ferguson very well. He was a lot different off the ice then when he was playing.A very bright guy and a keen business sense.”

“As we got better at skating, the Canadiens gave us a bunch of sticks so we could play some shinny. Often we’d play outside, so we’d have to shovel the snow off the ice. A few times we’d get access to ice and play at two in the morning. I’m not sure the Expos management knew we were playing, but my guess is that they wouldn’t be that pleased.”

This was Stoneman’s second career no-hitter after beating Philadelphia Phillies 7-0 at Connie Mack Stadium.His first no-hitter occurred during his fifth career start and it was only the ninth game of the Expos existence.

Stoneman had an eight year career with Chicago, Montreal and the California Angels. He was the general manager of the Angels for eight seasons and now serves as a senior consultant.

“During the second no-hitter, I can recall the fans at Jarry Park getting louder and louder as the game went on. Generally, you block those things out of your mind when you’re pitching, but I certainly recall that.” Stoneman shared.

“Two things made that came that game additionally special for me. One it was played in front of our fans who supported us very well and secondly, my wife and two younger brothers were in attendance. It was the only summer that they had visited us and they were 11 and 15 at that time.”

“During my time in Montreal, 10-12 of us would spend the winters in Montreal. When I think about the ’72 Summit Series, I know we were excited about the outcome even though none of us were Canadians, Stoneman commented.

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’72 Project Interview on NHL Home Ice

Hear the interview on the link below. Recorded on April 2nd “Hockey This Morning” @NHLHomeIce with Mike Ross and Mick Kern.

NHL Home Ice Interview


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Cops for Cancer Campaign

(See Paul Henderson T-shirt offer at bottom of page)

The Cops for Cancer program started in 1994 when a Sergeant with the Edmonton Police Service organized a group of officers to shave their heads to support a 5 year old boy suffering from cancer.  Since then the Canadian Cancer Society and police services across the country have teamed up to raise money and awareness for this worthy cause.

The Cops for Cancer event in Peel started in 2004. To date we have raised $760 000 dollars, all of which goes directly to the Canadian Cancer Society.

The actual event involves officers, civilians, paramedics and anyone else who wants to, raising money to shave their head.The past 8 years have seen more than 1500 officers get their head shaved, including more than 80 women!!!

The March for a Million:
This year’s goal is to surpass the million dollar mark for the event since it began in 2004.  To do this will require us to double the amount the event has generated in previous years.  That is why we need your help!

In addition to the actual event, there are numerous sub-events where money is raised to achieve our goal of fundraising and awareness; corporate head shaves, bake sales, golf/hockey tournaments, teacher vs. police games and many other inventive ideas.  This allows for everyone to participate in the Cops for Cancer Campaign as well as the ultimate goal of Making Cancer History!

Buy a t-shirt – Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Paul Henderson’s Goal of the Century with this commemorative shirt. $7.99 from each shirt goes to the Canadian Cancer Society and it makes a great gift.

Peel Regional Police employees – contact your divisional rep
Public / Corporate Bulk orders – email  robert.higgs@peelpolice.ca
All others – Follow link to the Heritage Hockey website to purchase a t-shirt:


If you or your organization would like to be part of the March for a Million please contact
Trevor Arnold, Peel Regional Police:   905-453-2121 ext. 3861
email:  trevor.arnold@peelpolice.ca

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The Sidney Crosby Golden Goal in 2050

Imagine it’s 2050. People are talking about the 40th Anniversary of Sidney Crosby’s Golden Goal at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. It was a great hockey moment and a great Canadian moment. We’ll all remember where we were and the celebrations that ensued. No doubt, some will remember more than others. It’s estimated that 80% of the country watched a portion of that game. Incredible TV ratings!

One question I ask the younger generations about that moment is “would you share this memory with future generations?” They look at me kind of funny and generally respond, “why wouldn’t we?”

Today, as look back 40 years earlier to the ’72 Summit Series, many in this younger generation don’t know what it was like when Paul Henderson scored the goal of the Century! I’m sure the older generation would share their memories, it’s just that they have never really been asked! This is a great year for youngsters to ask their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles about their memories of that great hockey moment and great Canadian moment!

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Team Canada ’72 Wins, No Way!

We’ve all done it! It’s the last period, the last quarter, the last inning and you feel there’s no way your team is coming back. You head to the exits, you turn the channel, you’ve had enough as you’re disappointed that your team is about to lose.

Of course, there is a remote chance that your team will make a miraculous comeback and then you can kick yourself for not having faith and seen the game through.

When I talk to people about the ’72 Summit Series, a lot of different memories and emotions have been shared. Last week, I heard a story about how a father had taken off work and his son had come home from University to share that final historic game together at home. With Team Canada trailing 5-3 to begin the 3rd, the disappointed and maybe even frustrated father, decided to head back to work, because he felt Canada had lost the final game and Series.

“My Dad turned on the radio as he drove back to work and listened as Team Canada came back to tie the game and with less than a minute remaining in the game. Henderson scored! While I celebrated at home, my Dad cried as he listened to it on the radio,” he commented.

Canadians could have given up on the Series when they were down 3 games to 1 (both teams also had a tie). Certainly the fact that Team Canada came back in the Series and the final game, makes this 40th Anniversary moment so much more emotional and memorable.

We’ve all done it. We’ve all walked away from a game. I’m just curious how many people missed the Paul Henderson goal?!

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Paul Henderson Q&A Series

During the next few months of ’72 Project, there will be a number of video excerpts from an interview with Paul Henderson hosted by Sean Mitton of the ’72 Project.

In the first part of this series, Paul discusses the book he recently published with Canadian Author Jim Prime entitled “How Hockey Explains Canada”. The book was released in the Fall of 2011.

The next segment Paul will discuss the process of developing his book “How Hockey Explains Canada”.


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Did the ’72 Summit Series have impact on the World Junior Hockey Championships?

This year marks the 40th Anniversary of the ’72 Summit Series and the iconic Paul Henderson goal in Game Eight. It was rightly named Canada’s greatest sports moment of the last century and I can’t help but feel that it continues to have a strong influence on the very popular World Junior Hockey Tournament. It also continues to illustrate the passion that Canadians have for hockey and the belief that the game belongs to us.

Looking back on the ’72 Summit Series, the country expected to win the series even if we didn’t know much about our opponents back then. All we knew was that we didn’t like their politics. During the series we came to understand their impressive hockey skills and appreciative their level of fitness. Many of their innovative training techniques were later instrumental in improving the game of hockey in Canada. It also showed us that while hockey will always be considered our game, it belongs to the world.

The Summit Series was perhaps the first time that Toronto and Montreal fans could agree on cheering for the same team. It’s estimated the 80% of the country watched or listened to that historic game and we still cherish the memory of the Henderson goal like it was yesterday.

Today, our passion for International hockey continues to flourish. The world has gotten smaller and we know a lot more about our opponents at both the hockey and political levels. The media now provides us with voluminous quantities of detailed scouting information to help us keep track of who our favourite NHL teams may draft and this adds a new level of interest in the Junior Championships. We watch the tournament with a proper amount of respect for the opposition, but always with the expectation that – as in 1972 – Canada will prevail.

There is unprecedented network coverage of the team selection process and the intense media frenzy continues throughout the tourney. TSN took the coverage to a whole new level in the mid ’90’s and today social media such as Facebook and Twitter have expanded fan engagement still wider. Everything is analyzed and re-analyzed so that we seem to know everything there is to know about every player on the Canadian side.

Our viewing habits have become more sophisticated since ’72; we watch the junior tournament with a very critical eye. We continue to cheer for another Canadian gold medal and cheer for players because they’re from our home town, play on our local Junior teams or have been drafted by our favourite NHL teams. But we also watch the other teams in the tournament to assess their NHL potential as well. They may well be playing on our favourite team alongside a Canadian star some day soon.

The junior games may never have a moment quite like the Paul Henderson goal that we remember 40 years later, but Team Canada will always represent the pride we feel for Canada. Let’s all hope the last song played at the end of the upcoming tournament is  “Oh Canada”.

About Guest blogger Jim Prime:  Prime recently co-authored “How Hockey Explains Canada” with Paul Henderson and has written more than a dozen sports-related books and has contributed articles to various periodicals. He has coauthored books with the immortal Ted Williams and the immoderate Bill “Spaceman” Lee. He grew up a rabid Montreal Canadiens fan on Long Island at the southwestern tip of Nova Scotia. Jim is cofounder of the Bluenose Bosox Brotherhood and acting Lieutenant-Governor for Nova Scotia of Red Sox Nation. He lives with his wife, Glenna, in New Minas, Nova Scotia.

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’72 Project Guest Writer Jim Prime

The ’72 Project is pleased to announce Sports Writer Jim Prime will be a periodical contributor to ’72 Project blog posts.

Prime recently co-authored with Paul Henderson, “How Hockey Explains Canada”. Henderson and Prime offer intelligent discourse on Canada’s national sport that goes far beyond the sport’s most-loved icons, great plays and notorious brawls and looks into the history and culture of the game to explain why hockey has had such an enigmatic hold on Canadians.

Prime has written more than a dozen sports-related books and has contributed articles to various periodicals. He has coauthored books with the immortal Ted Williams and the immoderate Bill “Spaceman” Lee. He grew up a rabid Montreal Canadiens fan on Long Island at the southwestern tip of Nova Scotia. Jim is co-founder of the Bluenose Bosox Brotherhood and acting Lieutenant-Governor for Nova Scotia of Red Sox Nation. He lives with his wife, Glenna, in New Minas, Nova Scotia.

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CBC Radio Interview on the ’72 Project

Where were you in ’72?

For baby boomers, Paul Henderson’s goal against the USSR was a moment in history. Sean Mitton a Canadian living in the US is connecting with other expats and collecting memories of that historic goal.

The interview was conducted by Mark Harvey of CBC Radio Edmonton. Harvey shares his own ’72 story at the end of the interview.

CBC Radio link

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