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The Hockey Hall of Fame’s Phil Pritchard asks you to share your story!

If you’re a Baby Boomer we want to hear your story of what you recall of the ’72 Summit Series. If you’re younger, please ask your older relatives to share their stories. These stories will serve as an archive for future generations and it may even be selected for the book commemorating the 40th Anniversary of this great Canadian moment.

In leaving your story for future generations, parts of your story could include:

What city were you in?
Specifically what business, school or other location?
How did people react?
Did it coincide with anything else in your life at that time?
Did it inspire you in any way?
Does anything else stand out in that period of your life?
Was there anything else about the 72 series that stood out in your mind?
Did you listen to radio or TV (Black & white or color)?
Have you ever shared the story with your kids or grand-kids?
Who was your favourite NHL team at that time?
Who was your favourite NHL player?

There are 3 ways to submit your story.

1. Enter in the text fields below.
2. Record your story at 1-800-871-9012
Extension #312114.
Please clearly state your full name and email address and city of residence.
3. Send usĀ  your YouTube video to
4. Event based story collection. Please check our calendar for future locations.

Remember, the 250 rated stories will be short listed, so please share with friends and family and encourage them to vote for your story.

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